Notify patients automatically of their results, normal or otherwise.

Address scenarios like “keep existing appointment”, or “make an appointment to review result”.  Include the results as a PDF all at the click of a button in your EMR. No data entry is required.

 How it works:

  • Simply sign off results in your EMR.
  • The platform automatically picks up behind you and notifies patients via SMS, Secure Email, or printed letters without staff time.
  • Even the printing and mailing of letters is server-driven.
  • There is complete peace of mind as the platform also manages “read receipts”.
  • The technology is fully integrated with your EMR.
  • All your instructions are picked up and processed automatically.
  • Data is then pushed back to your EMR for end-to-end loop closure.
  • A solution developed by physicians for physicians with the clinic’s efficiency at its core.


  • Simplify patient notification and engagement.
  • Get Read receipts.
  • Handle scenarios like normal vs abnormal results.
  • Adjust messaging content based on the need for appointments.
  • Self-scheduling built right in.
  • Automatically view, easily manage, and document failures.


  • Save staff time and remove the back and forth.
  • Add efficiency.
  • Close all loops.
  • Increase patient satisfaction.
  • Increase patient compliance.
  • Rest easy knowing that it’s done and “documented”.

A customizable solution that puts you in control, and healthcare first.

ALL Features

Recall & Reminders

Be aware of “adverse events”;
notify and engage patients

Results Notification

Automatically notify patients of
test results; no staff FTE


Pre-Screen, qualify, and manage
patients in advanced therapies

Call Management

AI driven call management solution