High Deductible Health Plans; a growing malpractice danger

Clients: 7 Physician Clinic, Barrington, IL

DATE: January 2017

OVERVIEW: High deductible health insurance plans leave patients responsible for the first $2000 to $10000 before plan coverage …


ACOs May Heighten Your Medical Malpractice Exposure

Clients: 9 Physician Clinic, Davenport IA

DATE: March 2017

OVERVIEW: Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are new to malpractice law. “They haven’t been around long enough to…


Team Care May Open New Risks and pose a threat


Clients: 15 Physician Clinic, Chicago, IL

DATE: June 2017

OVERVIEW: ACOs, patient-centered medical homes, multi-specialty clinics, and hospital systems are increasingly using healthcare teams…


Reliance on guidelines alone, unpaired with objective and subjective standard of care exposes one to risk

Clients: 7 Physician Clinic, Barrington, IL

DATE: August 2017

OVERVIEW: More than ever, providers are expected to follow evidence-based medicine using guidelines laid down by …


EHR; the pandora’s box of medical liability


Clients: 9 Physician Clinic, Davenport IA

DATE: May 2017

OVERVIEW: EHRs introduce a conundrum in health care liability. While they add great value with clear & clean documentation…


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Clients: clinic goes here

DATE: 02/03/2017

OVERVIEW: Clinic saved $20,000 saved annually and mitigated several life-threatening risks after using RiskAssist for a year


“Risk Assist cut our recall and patient reminder cost in half and made it far more easy for my staff to use and keep track of patients that often fall thru the cracks. The software also does not interfere with my daily workflow. The mobile version is easy to use. We expect to see increasing revenue in the future once data gathers.” -Dr. Natalia L, D.O