Managing recall and mitigating risk in healthcare, is a significant challenge, both in costs to clinics and ramifications to patient care.

See how RiskAssist can take the pressure off staff and automate your recall workflow saving time and money.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Recall & Reminders

Recall & Reminders



Clinical Alerts

Call Management

End to end Risk Management using data from your EMR not staff time

Actionable alerts allow action on the spot.

  • Recall driven by AI and data, not staff time
  • Catches cases hidden in data
  • Patient reengagement using email, SMS, phone, mail
  • Completes documentation automatically

Loop Closure

Defined as … process by which each case is brought to the logical endpoint.

  • Close every loop automatically each time
  • Document each case with reason
  • Manual closure options available

Safety Net

Safety net … finds cases hidden in your EMR’s data

  • Identify patients with silently worsening disease
  • Re-engage cases that slipped thru the cracks
  • Identify patients requiring treatment adjustments
  • Increase patient satisfaction (Testimonial later)

High ROI & Improved Compliance

Clinics report a 5 to 1 ROI with a 50% reduction in No-Show and a 7% increase in appointments

  • Adds “revenue” with risk reduction
  • Review your ROI… 3 months at a glance
  • Ensure clinic compliance is met
  • Receive email reports automatically

“Risk Assist cut our recall and patient reminder cost in half and made it far more easy for my staff to use and keep track of patients that often fall thru the cracks”. Dr Rajiv K, MD

“The software does not interfere with my daily workflow. The mobile version is easy to use. We see increasing patinet compliance and revenue right in our reports avaibale to us in our online acccess. A very helpful feature.” – Dr. Natalia L, D.O.


Can I use my EMR OR will it work with my EMR?
Yes, you can use your EMR. Risk Assist is designed to silently in the background to monitor your data and our data. The data we monitor is from your EMR, and we work with all ONC-certified EMRs.
Will it slow my EMR?
No. Since Risk Assist works in the background and does not use your EMR server, it has no effect on your EMR speed.
What data will I be able to get?
You will be able to get any data element that you want from ICD codes to CPTs, test results, and even more complex data elements like claim frequency data, outcome analysis, and a lot more. Email us at if you have any questions or if you have special requests.
What are the maintenance costs?
There are no maintenance costs. Only a subscription fee.
If our clinic needs a special report how can we get that and what does it cost?
We take special requests all the time. A tool is included in the application that allows you to request special reports easily and efficiently. Special reports are charged at the hourly rate in your contract. It does not take us much time to create reports that you can run and re-run…
Can your application compare our clinics with national averages?
Yes. The reporting engine has that capability. You will need to select the data elements you want to be included.
Is the application configurable by my staff
Yes, to a large extent. With appropriate training, your staff can set things up. We are also available to assist you with the setup. Note: Setup is very important. Proper configuration maximizes revenue for you.