Call Management



Call Management is an AI driven “always on” technology that handles both incoming and outgoing calls. Linked straight to your EMR/PM, the technology makes it far more efficient to manage clinic communication. 

And it creates an optimal experience for both your patients as well as your referrers.


  • Empower your clinic with technology that manages calls, messaging, video/audio calling in a single platform connected to your EMR and PM.
  • Reduce “double” work and problems that stem from lack of EMR/PM connectivity. 
  • Solve the one patient – provider challenge that costs the clinic the most.
  • Bill for E&M time with on the fly, HD video and audio calling with a secure and easy no downloads experience.
  • Connect patients with the appropriate staff consistently, with smart routing based on your rules.


  • The platform enables “smart” patient call intake, and call handling.
  • Use only one number for everything, your mainline.
  • Our web-based system administration is simple and centralized.
  • Accessible anywhere and on any device – desktop, tablet, mobile.
  • Multi-level auto attendants frustrate patients – try our simple AI driven approach.
  • Support patient care with “team” communication, tasks, and reminders, so everyone is in the loop.


  • Makes it easy for referrers to reach you, shows that you care.
  • Simplifies the process for both patients and staff.
  • Saves FTE to reduce cost.
  • Adds E&M and CCM revenue.
  • Builds trust and improves patient outcomes.

A customizable solution that puts you in control, and healthcare first.

ALL Features

Recall & Reminders

Be aware of “adverse events”;
notify and engage patients

Results Notification

Automatically notify patients of
test results; no staff FTE


Pre-Screen, qualify, and manage
patients in advanced therapies

Call Management

AI driven call management solution