clinical i


Clinical-i is an automated platform that enables clinics to use AI effectively on their data.  It identifies and manages patients in stepped therapies like OAB, BPH, Prostate Cancer and others.

The technology saves staff time as it automates and manages patient engagement.

How it works:

  • The tool operates silently behind the scenes with your EMR and PM, and helps nurse navigators collate data efficiently as well as take action based on standardized protocols and processes.
  • Data from all sources is automatically and regularly synced including hospitals, labs, radiology etc, by our technology that is fully interoperable and CMS certified.
  • The application is very easy to use unlike the bulky, difficult to use, difficult to learn healthcare CRMs, that were never built for healthcare data, but just retrofitted to handle clinical data which makes them clumsy to use.

High ROI:

  • The platform also comes with a built-in reporting engine that allows administrators to monitor staff usage to ensure utilization and ROI.


  • Automated “real time” case identification.
  • Effortless Processing, even thru ever changing rules.
  • Case management based on your workflow.
  • Efficient patient engagement.
  • Driven by technology and protocol, not staff time.
  • Use national guidelines or develop your own.
  • Aligned to your specialty and clinic.
  • Monitoring and tracking baked in.
  • And, we dont share your data, period. 


  • Replace spreadsheets – they are outdated the minute you hit save. 
  • Sharing spreadsheets is a nightmare, sharing the Clinical-i dashboard is a breeze.
  • You are at the cutting edge of your field, let patients see that.
  • Patients access promising new options.
  • Save Nurse Navigator time.
  • Automate mundane processes.
  • Add new revenue streams.

A customizable solution that puts you in control, and healthcare first.